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Acrylic Nails Vs Gel Nails – which is Better for You?

Dubai, a haven for fashion seekers, is famous for its trendy beauty enhancer techniques. This lively city introduces artful directions in the fashion industry. Acrylic nails are a wonderful addition to the world of style. The ladies with short, cracked nails want to take full advantage of acrylic nail Dubai; however, ladies want to know which option is most result-oriented for the beauty of their nails.  No worries, ladies! This blog post will thoroughly guide you, giving a scenario of acrylic nails vs. gel nails. You can also opt for the right option to enhance the beauty of your nails. Let’s explore the world of nail extensions in Dubai.

Understanding Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are artificial extensions which are used to give length and beauty to your natural nails. These extensions come in many sizes and styles and you can choose according to your preferences.

Material Used & Application        

Acrylic nail extensions are a mixture of a monomer liquid and polymer powder, which turn into hard stuff after a chemical process. Acrylic nails are shaped from this material and applied to your natural nails. After proper shape and filing, your acrylic nails are ready to provide an outstanding look to your appearance.

Pros of Acrylic Nail Extensions

Acrylic nail application boosts the look of your hands having charming nails. Here are a few benefits of acrylic extensions that make acrylic nail a worth adopting option:

1. Endurance:

Acrylic Nails Dubai is considered worth adopting due to their strength. They are an ideal choice for those who want a long-lasting effect of this beauty enhancer technique. These extensions are also a good chipping agent.

2. Diversity:

Another practical aspect of acrylic nail extensions is that they come in various designs, styles, and lengths. These extensions also offer customized designs that are tailored to your preferences.

3. Inexpensive:

Acrylic nails are the most affordable choice for those who want gorgeousness without breaking their wallet. Acrylic nail extensions in Dubai are less expensive than gel nails and you can easily adore your tips with wonderful acrylic nail extensions.

Acrylic nails are the most affordable choice for those who want gorgeousness without breaking their wallet. Acrylic nail extensions in Dubai are less expensive than gel nails, and you can easily adore your tips with excellent acrylic nail extensions.

Down Sides of Acrylic Nail Extensions

Although acrylic extensions are a worthwhile option to increase the beauty of your hands with amazing nail extensions, however, they come with some down sides such as:

a) Unpleasant Adore:

During the acrylic nail extension application, the monomer liquid releases a strong adores which sometimes irritates the clients.

b) Time Consuming Application:

The acrylic nail extension procedure takes enough time, and you have to spend a long time in salons during the application process.

c) Removal can Damage the Natural Nails:

Removal of acrylic nails may damage your natural nails due to acetone, which is used to remove the extensions. Visiting a salon for the removal process can save your nails from damage.

Understanding Gel Nails Extensions

Gel nail extensions are the most considerable choice for ladies in Dubai. These extensions are used to gain a soft and shiny look for your natural nails. You can get the desired length and shape according to your preferences using gel nail extension application.

Material Used & Application

Gel nail extensions are made from photoinitiators and polymers. These materials are cured under UV or LED.  They come in the form of pre-mixed gel polish, which is carefully placed on your natural nails. After that, these extensions are hardened under UV and LED to get the proper shape.

Pros of Gel Nails

Gel nail extensions are commonly used due to their delicacy and shiny appearance. Here are a few benefits of gel nail extensions that make them a considerable option:

1. Sophisticated Appearance:

Due to their natural look, gel nail extensions offer cool appearance to your hands. These extensions look more natural than acrylic nail extensions and less damage your natural nails.

2. Time-Saving Approach:

The key feature of gel nail extensions is, they take a little time in application as compared to acrylic nails extensions.

3. Durable Application:

Gel extensions are durable with a shiny look and can stay longer with proper aftercare. Although, not as strong as acrylic extensions.

4. Easy Removal:

As compared to acrylic, Gel nail extensions are easily removed with little involvement of acetone without damaging your natural nails.            

Downsides of Gel Nail Extensions

a) Less Design Options:

Gel nail extensions come with minimum design options. These extensions can only adopt nail art techniques but no sculpting opportunities.

b) Length Limitations:

Gel extensions are a good option for nail enhancement; however, they cannot provide the desired length, and too much length can cause breakage in the shape of gel extensions.

c) Cost Comparison:

As compared to acrylic nails extension, gel nails extensions are expensive. The reason behind is gel extensions involve many things such as UV or LED lights, base and gel coats which make gel application a bit expensive.

Final Thoughts

Acrylic nail extensions are popular for those with short, brittle, and cracked nails. Acrylic nails give strength to your natural nails and come with numerous styles and artwork. On the other hand, gel nail extensions are also a distinctive option for those who want a more dramatic appearance. Gel nail extensions are good nail enhancers but cannot hold extra length. From the guide above, you may decide which option is most suitable for your natural nails. If you are still hesitant regarding the nail extension selection, the best acrylic nails Dubai can pave the way for choosing the ideal nail extensions with the expert’s advice. No more waiting; contact us and enjoy the journey of nail extensions applications.


Q1. Gel VS acrylic? Which nail extensions are suitable for my short nails?

A. Both nail extensions are good for boosting the look of your natural nails. However, it depends on your preferences; acrylic extensions are durable with solid chip resistance, whereas gel extensions look good but do not provide the desired length and work with less chip resistance.

Q2. Can nail extensions damage my natural nails?

A. The wrong application of nail extensions and removal can damage your natural nails’ health. Consult a professional technician before the nail extension procedure to save your natural nails from any damage.

Q3. How long do acrylic and gel extensions last in Dubai?

A. Both nail extensions can be increased in longevity with proper care, such as avoiding frequent water exposure, harsh chemical products, and a lot of touching.

Q4. Are acrylic nails suitable for ladies with short or cracked nails?

A. Acrylic nail extensions strengthen your natural nails due to strong chip resistance. They work as a safeguard for natural nails, preventing them from damage. However, wrong removal can damage natural nails. Consultation is a crucial part of the nail extensions application process.

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