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Rashmi – Salon Manager

Rashmi is a certified cosmetologist and an award-winning Hairstylist. She also has a major in Business Administration with over 6+ years’ experience in managing beauty salons and spa located within and outside Dubai. She is the team leader and has a great experience in delivering excellent customer service, innovative techniques, and leadership traits. Being an expert stylist, she has also combined these skills in ensuring that every customer that visits our salon enjoys the highly-rated Herz experience.

Rita – Professional Nail Artist

Rita is a certified Nail technician with 5+ years of working as a nail artist. With a Bachelor’s in cosmetology, she has a keen passion for creating beautiful nail designs and excellent customer engagement. What makes her distinct is her ability to display a profound knowledge of the latest nail art designs and techniques, which include digital nail art, airbrush, taping, stickers, painting, sponging, manicure, pedicure, among others. Being a great conversationalist, rest assured of a good time with Rita. She is a specialist in Natural, Artificial & Shellac nail services.

Zinath – Certified Hair Stylist

When you talk about the hair, it doesn’t end at the technicalities; rather, it has to do with creativity, innovation, and ability to use intuitions to create beautiful pieces of art that will magically transform your looks. Here is where the expertise of Zinath comes into play. She is a licensed stylist with over 10 years in the industry, Zinath has worked with several European beauty salons, fashion houses, and celebrities. Of course, this has given her an edge to reproduce some of these exclusive hairstyle designs at our beauty salon in Dubai. Zinath is also a beauty consultant, so you can feel free to discuss your requirements with her. She supervises other stylists and has an excellent customer relationship. She is a specialist in cutting, waxing, color, and custom hair designs.

Cycil – Moroccan bath and massage Specialist

With 10+ years in the beauty sector. Cycil, a fitness enthusiast, is the pillar behind the fantastic massage and Moroccan bath experience at Hertzbeauty salon. Cycil is a certified esthetician with a passion for promoting natural wellness.

"I have always had to passion for assisting my peers, friends, and clients in living a stress-free life and enjoying a complete body wellness." - Cycil

He is a specialist in deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, Moroccan bath, body scrubs, and detox wraps. He has a robust knowledge of the variety of products that are employed in giving our customers a relaxing experience. Cycil has worked as a specialist in Moroccan bath for over 5 years.

Anita – Certified Esthetician and Skincare Specialist

Anita is a skincare specialist with expertise in facials, scrubs, skin treatments, and neck massage. With a prolific knowledge of a range of dermatological products, coupled with an associate degree in dermatology, she has been able to demonstrate an excellent knowledge of the skincare regimens that are required by our clients. She is overly creative, articulate, and has an intrinsic ability to communicate and understand our customer details efficiently.

Leni – Manicurist

Leni is a seasoned manicurist who has a strong enthusiasm for customer satisfaction. Being a nail technician, she takes extra time to listen to every detail of our salon customer requirements. She is an art enthusiast with a high passion for creativity and growth and has strong verbal communication. Leni is a certified cosmetologist and has consistently maintained a good relationship with our customers due to her quality of delivery. As a manicure expert, she has represented Herz beauty salon in several local and international training to keep our team adept with the latest trends and techniques in the industry.

Rozy – Certified Esthetician and Skincare Specialist

Rozy is a creative and artistic nail expert with several years of experience working as a pedicurist and manicurist in Dubai. However, she specializes in handling nail manicure for our salon customers. Rozy has a deep understanding of the cosmetology trends online, and she has consistently proven her exceptional communication skills with our customers. If you work on a tight schedule and you need an outstanding artist to handle your pedicure excellently, and with a sense of urgency, then Rozy is always the best choice. Her strong passion for creativity, the ability to try new designs, and her interest in engaging you in lively conversation will definitely make you attracted to Rozy's expertise.

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