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Follow These Essential Tips to Keep Your Hair Safe from Damages Due to Heat Styling.

Heat styling is a simple, fast, and quick process that we carry out to make our hair appear gorgeous, at least for the main period. However, heat styling can also be devastating to the hair

Although you might not see the immediate effect after you first styling, with time, when the results begin to manifest, you will wish you never had to heat style at the first instance

As the best ladies beauty salon in Dubai, we understand it is quite fun to engage in heat styling, so, we have to help you get the best out of it.

We do not wish to discourage or stop you from using those curly or flat irons; instead, this is meant to provide essential tips that will keep your hair safe from the side effects of heat styling

▪ Skip A Day

If no situation warrants heat styling, then, leave the hair the way it is. In such cases, allow the hair to dry naturally. Moreover, you can adopt measures such as; braiding the hair while it is still wet so that when dry, it will add extra volume to your hair.

With this, it becomes easier to maintain your hair without depending on heat styling tools.

Yes, we know it’s difficult to do without the tools totally, but you can try not to heat style regularly.

▪ Make Sure the Hair Is Dry

you eventually choose to heat style, make sure you do not use the hot tools on wet hair. ‘Bubble hair’is a condition that can result due to straightening, while the hair is still damp.

The disadvantage of heat styling on a damp hair is that these bubbles will be formed, making the hair appear irregular in shape and susceptible to breakage.

Therefore, if you must use the hot tools to straighten your hair very urgently, try to make sure the hair is dry, else, or do it some other time

▪ Hair Texture Differs

Make sure you get yourself acquainted with your hair texture. It will help you to determine the right amount of heat for your styling tools.

Lesser heat is required for thin and wispy hair, while additional heat might be necessary for thick hairs. However, the increase should come gradually from below

Don’t turn on the tool and begin at the highest temperature. Start from the lowest and adjust upwards slowly

▪ Keep the Hair Hydrated

Heat styling will always keep your hair dehydrated, the same effect the sun will have on your skin. However, to maintain healthy hair, hydration is vital. So, apply some hydrating treatment to your hair, especially after heat styling.

With these tips, you can keep your hair safe and healthy even as you use those favorite tools to heat style.

While you engage in these practices, do not forget to discuss your experience with us at Herz beauty salon, or contact us(+971505663734) to fix an appointment.

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