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Essential Skincare Tips for You During Winter

The summer heatwaves aggrandized temperatures, and severe heat can leave your skin dehydrated, dry, and dull

But do not worry, it is evident that the winter is gradually creeping in, and we have prepared these executive skincare tips from the best ladies beauty salon in Dubai that will help you to keep up with a clear and healthy skin during the season.

1.Adopt a new Skincare Pattern this Winter

To fight against extra-dry winter skin, beauty therapists suggest that you adopt different well-hydrated skincare products for the winter months

As the winter approaches, it is advisable to switch to anti-wrinkle pro-collagen products specially designed to enrich and hydrate dry and parched skin.

One of our therapists shares her experience of how she rejuvenates her skin during winter.She said;

“I use moisturizing products and get my facials done at least once in three weeks for this is the time frame required for the skin to rejuvenate and grow new cells completely. During the freezing months, I’ll prescribe using pro-collagen anti-wrinkle facial care. With a specified massage using this product, the skin will always feel vitalized, young, and refreshing.”


Internal hydration is vital during the cold season; drink a lot of water so that your skin can be less dry with no sign of aging. You can cultivate a routine of taking at least six glass of water per day to replenish lost fluid in the body. With this, your skin will remain hydrated, soft, and glowing

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2. Use UV sunscreen during cold periods

‘Even when the weather appears gloomy, little sun rays can still have a damaging effect on the skin melanin, causing your skin to age rapidly.’

Therefore, get your sun protection factor(SPF) ready and use it every morning as part of your winter skincare habit. Moreover, you can use it during the day, especially when you want to go out on sunny winter noon

Quick tips on SPF:

Whenever you want to buy a sun protection formula, ensure the SPF count is high enough to guard against both UVB and UVA. The more significant the SPF count, the better your chances of staying out in the sun without being burnt.

To achieve this, you can visit our salon for the best anti-wrinkle formula that contains fortified UV protection with SPF30. The product is the ideal match for the winter season and the growth of more matured skin

3.Protect your lips from ice-cold weather

One of the most exposed parts of our body, aside from the eyes, is the lips. It faces alternating temperatures and different degrees of heat. Perhaps, the more reason why it becomes dry, flaky, and sore at times.

One of our beauty therapists has this to say:

“cover your lips with a protective layer at every moment because as soon as it gets flaky or sore, it becomes challenging to heal.” Quick tips on SPF:Whenever you want to buy a sun protection formula, ensure the SPF count is high enough to guard against both UVB and UVA. The more significant the SPF count, the better your chances of staying out in the sun without being burnt.

Get the best super-conditioning lip balm the provides the ideal hydration. Such products, aside from protecting the lips, will leave it immensely supple with an irresistible sweet-smelling aroma.”

4.Exfoliate to remove dead cells

Often, our skin is subjected to excessive heat, stress, and sunlight, causing the skin cells to die at a rapid rate. A dead skin becomes flaky, dry, and rough

So, ideally, a good facial scrub with the right formula will perform the exfoliation magic. Exfoliation helps to eliminate these dead skin cells, thereby, revealing a more glowing and radiant new skin.

Also, exfoliation allows other skin products to penetrate your skin quickly.

5.Treat Yourself to some Naturally fluttering lashes

Sometimes, the winter season can make you feel pale. So, ideally, a right eyelash can help to bring your face back to life.

You can check out our range of naturally-looking lashes, which will help to bring more volume and beauty to the face. You can get this lash treatment within 6 –8 weeks into winter.

Consult any of our therapists today for an extensive chat on your suitable eyelash

In Conclusion, it is essential to keep your skin soft, glowing, and radiant during the winter periods. You can achieve this through products and routines, as well as proper consultations with our beauty therapists at Herz beauty salon.

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