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Our hair Stylist cut exactly how and length like to cut your hair.

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Hair Treatment

Any kind of Hair Treatment whether it is Keratin or Balayage is possible with perfection

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Wash and Blow Dry

Going for work, interview, or any party . Stop by our salon to give your hair shine and volume

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Hair Color

Show to world your new look color by our Hair stylist

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Hair Care Salon
Herz - Beauty Salon in Dubai

Best Hair Salon in Dubai for Hair Coloring, and Hair Keratin Treatment

Our skilled hair stylists conduct personalized consultations to find the best haircut and hair treatment that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Experience the epitome of hair care at Herz, the Best Hair Salon near Dubai, where our professionals are ready to deliver the best.
Herz Hair Salon in Dubai offers:

  • Hair Cut
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Keratin Treatment
  • Protein Collagen Treatment
  • Hair Extensions

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Original Price: 1000 AED
For now: 299 AED

Original Price: 2000 AED
For now: 474 AED

Original Price: 1250 AED
For now: 349 AED

Original Price: 1250 AED
For now: 199 AED

Original Price: 300 AED
For now: 149 AED

Original Price: 1000 AED
For now: 300 AED

Original Price: 400 AED
For now: 149 AED

Original Price: 1000 AED
For now: 399 AED

Original Price: 400 AED
For now: 299 AED

Original Price: 300 AED
Each: 149 AED



A: There are a few hair treatments available, such as Keratin Hair Treatment, Protein Treatment, and Nanoplasty treatment. All is well. However, keratin treatments are great and safe for all hair types without damaging the hair structure.

A: Keratin treatment is booming every day due to its charismatic results. It treats frizzy and tangled hair and leaves it looking shiny and smooth, even in Dubai’s humid climate.

A: The lifespan of a keratin treatment depends on aftercare. With proper care, it can last up to 6 months. Frequent washing, harsh shampoos, and heat styling can shorten its duration to around 2 months.

A: Both options go hand in hand, and the choice is yours, which one you want to consider. If you want more growth and vitality, go for Hair Botox. If you’re after smoother, sleeker hair, Keratin Treatment is your go-to.

Hair protein treatment is suitable for hair growth and overall health.It helps reduce frizz and   works well with weak or damaged hair. However, avoid overusing it as it may cause dry hair

A: The cost of hair extensions ranges from AED 300 to AED 1000, depending on the type of hair extensions you want, the length of the hair, and the quality or material. 

A: Hair extensions can last long with proper care and also depend on the growth of your hair on roots. With good maintenance, hair longevity lasts anywhere from 4-12 months. The refill process also boosts the longevity of hair extensions.

A: Hair extensions can be manageable with sufficient maintenance, such as gentle washing, detangling, and light brushing. Furthermore, it depends on the type of extension. Clip-ins adjust easily, while bonded extensions need expert adjustments.

A: Replacement depends on the type of extension. Clip-ins are easy, while fusion and keratin extensions need a refitting session. The replacement of Tape-in and sew-in extensions depends on hair growth.

A: Hair extensions add beauty to your look. However, if good hair care tips are not considered, you can damage your natural hair by causing hair loss.

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