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How to Make Manicure Last Longer – Salon Expert’s Advice

Hands with shiny and well-shaped nails reflect your personality, so they deserve special care. A manicure is a beauty therapy for hand and nail care that helps maintain the look of your nails using different techniques, such as cutting nails, filling is another technique that helps prepare the nails for the manicure treatment. Then comes the shape of the nail, such as round, oval, square, or pointed. Cuticle removal is also considered essential for an effective manicure. Although a manicure is a pain-free and result-oriented application for your nails, the concern is how to make the manicure application last longer. This guide will help you know the best manicure in Dubai to increase the longevity of your manicure treatment with the help of effective tips.

Things to Consider To Make Manicure Last Longer

Consider the best manicure in Dubai to increase the lifespan of your manicure treatment. Expert salons in Dubai also advice practical tips so that you can enjoy the beauty of your gorgeous nails.

1. Preparation is Key:

Before undergoing a manicure treatment, prepare your nails to get long-lasting outcomes. Consider the health of your nails because they act as a platform or give a base for stable therapy. Proper nail shape matters if you want to adopt gel manicure treatment. Give the desired shape to your nails with a nail file. For better chip resistance, buff the surface of the nails. Cuticles prevent the polish application, so gently remove cuticles for effective results.

2. Cleanliness is Crucial for Last-Longer Outcomes:

The cleanliness of the nail plate is essential to sticking the polish properly. Make sure your nails are dirt-free and clean before the manicure treatment. Clean nails make the process result-oriented, and they are crucial for both regular and gel manicures.

3. Consider Base Coats:

The base coat is the foundation for the best manicure in Dubai as it is essential for the strengthening of your nails. Base coat also provides a smooth surface removing the unevenness of the nails. They protect your natural nails from staining. These coats also increase the longevity of the manicure treatment because they help achieve better adherence to polish.

4. Polish Application Technique:

This procedure gives a final look to your gel manicure process, so it deserves enough focus. Apply thin coats properly and wait for them to dry. Similarly, apply 2 to 3 polish coats for long-lasting results. Remember, polish should be applied only on the nail surface, not on the free areas. The nail technician can remove the drops of polish with polish remover from the unnecessary areas.

5. Top Coat Increase Lifespan of Manicure:

To maintain the longevity of your manicure cure in Dubai, paying more attention to the top coat, which finalizes the manicure process, is crucial. The top coat acts as a safeguard and helps strengthen the polish. It also provides a shiny look, and you feel confident with beautiful glossy nails. Frequent top coat application is essential to boost the longevity of the manicure process.

After Care Makes Manicure Last Longer

Aftercare is crucial to get the most out of every treatment. A good manicure also requires essential care to maintain the results of the manicure process such as:

Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

If you want to enjoy the beauty of your nails for a long time, don’t frequently use harsh chemical products as they damage manicured nails. Make it a habit of wearing gloves to save your nails.

Less Water Exposure:

Frequent water exposure can damage the manicure application and cause the polish to lose its shine, so to keep the process long-lasting, avoid using a lot of water.

Consider Regular Oiling:

Regular moisturizing helps increase the lifespan of the manicure process and saves from dryness which damages the nails. Considering these after-care tips, you can prolong the beauty of your newly manicured nails and get the most out of your manicure in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

A manicure treatment is a beauty enhancer technique for your nails, giving your hands a wonderful appearance. A good manicure in Dubai involves a few considerations that help prolong the outcomes of the regular polish and gel manicure process. Considering these considerations and with proper aftercare strategies, you can enhance the look of your nails. So, to get the most out of manicure treatment with expert’s advice, look no further than the best manicure in Dubai for better results.

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Q1. Is nail health essential for a long-lasting manicure application?

A. Nail health is crucial for the best manicure application in Dubai to get better results. So, hydrate your nails, moisturise daily, and consult a technician if you have any nail concerns.

Q2. Why is buffing good before applying nail polish?

A. An excellent polish application needs a slightly rough surface, and buffing nails helps stick to the polish. However, access to it can damage the nail surface.

Q3. How can I remove my old polish before the new manicure application?

A. An oil-free remover can easily remove old polish before a new manicure application, and it is also essential for perfect adhesion.

Q4. Is gel manicure a longer application than a regular polish?

A. Both applications are good; however, the gel manicure lasts longer than regular polish. Apart from this, it depends on your choice which one you want to consider.

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