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Get A Must Deserved Facial Treatments and Make Overs with Herz Salon

Facial Treatments/Make-ups/Makeovers

Combined with the desire to instill glamour and beauty on every woman, Herz beauty salon has assembled a team of facial therapist that will add a touch of sophistication and radiance to your face.

Our well-trained therapists are versed and adept with various dermatological and organic products together with the different skin types that suit each product.

The concept of facial treatments and make-ups involves a combination of creativity, knowledge, innovation, and experience. All these are qualities that are present in our staff. With regular training using several digital and advanced techniques, we help to select the best products that aid facial transformation, skin glow and prevents aging. Little wonder we boast of the best facial therapists in Dubai.

Aside from our facial treatments, make-ups, and makeovers, we also offer consultations regarding the choice of your facial kits and how they can enhance the glow and beauty of your skin.

Below are the services we offer, and you can also check-out our express packages more information.


  • Bridal Make-ups
  • Evening Make-ups
  • Creative Artworks
  • Make-ups (eyes only)
  • Makeovers

Facial Treatments

  • Dr. Renaud Facials
  • Histomer Facial
  • Casmara
  • Fruit Facial


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