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Moroccan Bath in Oud Metha, Dubai – An Exquisite Treat to Perfect Luxury

A perfect opportunity to relieve your body of undue stress and experience the ancient ritual practice known as the ”Moroccan bath” using our full range of massage and body treatment options. It is a cleansing ritual that will leave you in total awe, and your body, in a state of refreshing relaxation.

We solely believe in hygiene and cleanliness; hence, we have prepared the best and most serene environment to carry out this age-long ritual. We make use of high-end selected natural Moroccan herbs for a deluxe bathing encounter.

Moroccan Bath in Oud Metha – What Is It?

Moroccan bath is an ancient traditional cleansing ritual that is very common to countries in the Middle East. It is mostly referred to as Maghrebi. The primary purpose of the ritual is to cleanse, soften, and brighten up the skin. However, it extends to improve blood flow together with nerve and tissue relaxation in the body.

By engaging in this ancient traditional ritual, you can eliminate toxic materials and place your body at an optimal level of performance.

What Can You Expect In Our Moroccan Bath Dubai Deals?

Here at our salon, we have the finest Arabian-Moroccan sanctum, well-equipped with ultramodern bath and steam facilities.

The first step is a consultation to know your pending desires and experience. Afterward, we will offer you a shiny bathrobe which you will change into; you can come with extra underwear or purchase our expendable underwear.

Following this, one of our therapists will direct you to the steam room where we shall instill the long-awaited experience. It generally takes between 60 – 90 mins for a complete bath, and it occurs via the following stages:

Rinsing Ritual

The first step of the process that we shall carry out using relaxing, warm water to soften and clean your hair and body. While doing this, you will experience magical relaxation within your mind and soul. A common ingredient used here includes a Moroccan black soap mixed with olive oil.


Open your body and soul to the privacy of the dream room while the Moroccan black soap canvasses your body to perform its magic. While you lie back, your pores will open, and it will aid full toxin removal from your body.

It will as well relax the muscles, relieve aches, improve circulation, and moisturize your skin. You can decide to have an organic treatment for your hair at this stage.


Enjoy the gratification of the experience while our therapists thoroughly exfoliate your skin using mittens and scrubs. It is a process that will open-up clogged pores, remove dirt, smoothen, and bring out the perfect radiance for your skin. Once this is over, we use cold water to close the pores.

After this invigorating ritual, we will treat you to a light refreshment.
Complete your Herz experience by treating your body and soul to the ancient Moroccan experience!

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