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Should You Color Your Hair Before or After Keratin Treatment?

Hair keratin treatment and the hair color are the two most commonly used applications. Keratin provides natural hair protein to the hair making it smooth, sleek, and shiny. This treatment is also the best solution for frizzy and tangled hair. On the other hand, hair coloring is the beauty enhancer application which provides the vibrant appearance to hair using different hair color options. However, the question arises: Should you color your hair before or after hair Keratin Treatment?  This comprehensive guide will help know the answer. Let’s start.

What is Hair Keratin Treatment? 

Hair keratin treatment transfers natural hair protein to the hair shafts and makes it smooth, soft, and silky. This process also helps remove split hair, which damages the hair’s health and gives it a rough look. Keratin offers manageable hair, reducing the frizz. A number of salons offer this treatment, which is the most popular hair cure.

What is Hair Coloring?

Hair coloring is the most common trend to achieve a wonderful look with many color options. In this process, a chemical-based hair color, according to your preferences, is applied to your natural hair to get the desired shade. These colors stay for a specific time and fade gradually. People who are sick of their gray or lighter hair textures and want a permanent color application as a long-term solution often go for hair coloring applications.

Coloring Hair before Keratin Treatments

Coloring hair before keratin hair treatment doesn’t affect the treatment’s effectiveness; rather, it provides protection and longevity to your colored hair by locking the color pigments. Hair coloring before the keratin procedure can also help reduce the treatment’s side effects. However, the keratin procedure may fade the hair color. Your technician may help you maintain the desired color using effective strategies.

Hair Coloring after Keratin Treatment

Coloring hair after keratin hair treatment may damage the color application and the keratin hair treatment itself. The chemical used in the dye affects the longevity of keratin, preventing its capacity for reducing frizz. In addition, keratin treatment shortens the lifespan of hair color. According to experts, hair color application after keratin treatment is not ideal for the health of the hair.

Timing Matters for optimal Outcomes

If you have had a hair keratin treatment and want to color your hair to get a gorgeous look, wait at least two weeks to get the most out of the hair color application. Experts say dyeing your hair right after the keratin treatment may harm the effectiveness of the keratin process, as hair colors involve chemicals that shorten the life of keratin.

Consultation is Key for Hair Color Process

Consultation is the key element in any hair beauty treatment. After all, it is a matter of your appearance. Be sure to consult a hair specialist before undergoing any hair treatment. The stylist can best guide you in choosing the right hair treatment for the health of your hair. Similarly, you can discuss whether you should color your hair right after the hair keratin treatment. The stylist can help you with possible options to make your hair treatment process successful.

Final Thoughts

Of course, gorgeous hair plays a vital role in appearance. That’s why you use different strategies to make this crucial component more beautiful. Hair color application before the keratin treatment may help you boost the look of your hair giving it a long-lasting effect. In contemporary, right after the keratin treatment, applying hair color may harm your hair, reducing the impact of hair keratin treatment. Remember; wait at least two weeks after getting the Hair keratin treatment. Afterwards, you can go for a hair color application for optimal outcomes.


Q1: Can I color my hair before or after the keratin treatment?

A: Yes, coloring before a keratin treatment is result-oriented. Keratin treatment helps absorb the color, increasing its longevity.

Q2: Is coloring before keratin treatment beneficial?

A: If you color your hair right before the keratin treatment, it helps maintain the appearance of the applied color reducing hair damage.

Q3: How can coloring hair harm my hair after the keratin treatment?

A: Experts do not recommend coloring hair right after the keratin treatment. This prevents the proper application of hair color and gives it a dull tone. Hair colors involve chemicals, which affect the effectiveness of the keratin treatment. 

Q4: Should I wait for a color application after a keratin treatment?

A: To achieve the desired outcomes, you should wait at least two weeks. Applying hair color too soon after the keratin minimizes the lifespan of hair color. Thus, it is crucial to wait for a better outcome.

Q5: Is keratin treatment suitable for pre-colored hair?

A: Yes, it is effective to color hair before the keratin treatment. However, consultation with a skilled technician will help achieve the desired results. So, consult first and then go for a hair beauty treatment.

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